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When you are ready to use your staircase, flip the seat back and armrests up and press the footrest fold switch to flip down the footrest. You can have your stairlift ready in two simple steps.

If you feel it would make your stairlift safer, you can add a power-swivel function. Once you reach the top, the chair will automatically pivot to place you directly on your upstairs landing. You will feel safer getting up as the chair acts as a barrier between your stairs and you.

A stairlift is a great way to regain your independence, not just for the moment. Stairlifts made by us are durable. You’re making a wise investment in your life and choosing to live in your own home. You are also providing peace of mind for your family members. You’ll feel secure in your home and have peace of mind.

Straight stairlift tracks only can travel in straight lines. They cannot turn a corner, or go around a bend. Straight stairlifts work well where a stairlift needs to travel in a single straight line.

Straight stairlifts can be used for any type of stairs. They are also cost-effective and easy to install. Handicare can help you with everything, from a home survey to the installation of your stairlift in your home.

Straight stairlifts provide the best solution to staircase problems. This allows you to enjoy the entire space in your home. With a seamless start and stop mechanism that blends seamlessly into the home, you can glide effortlessly up or down the stairs.

If your staircase has no corners and is straight, there are many straight stairlifts to fit your needs.

The type of staircase you choose will depend on the style of your main staircase. Straight stairlifts work best for straight staircases. Straight stairlift tracks cannot travel in straight lines. If your home has two straight staircases connected by a landing, you might consider curved or transfer platform stairlifts. This decision will depend on the user’s mobility.

A stairlift can help you regain your independence. Our stairlifts can last for decades. A stairlift is a way to invest in your future. It allows you to choose to live in your home for longer. Your loved ones can also have peace of mind. It’s a feeling of security that you can have in your own home.

You’d be surprised at how narrow our rails are. They aren’t noticeable on the stairs, so there is plenty of room to allow everyone to use your stairs.

The stairlift folds neatly. Simply lift the armrests and seat up and flip the footrest up with a push of a button. It doesn’t require you to bend, which makes your home safer.

A consultant will come to you to conduct a complete survey of your staircase and determine whether a straight- or curved rail product would suit you best.

A consultant will visit your home to conduct a complete survey of your staircase and determine whether a straight- or curved rail product would suit you best.

Straight rails are the most common type in homes. They can usually be installed within a few hours. Straight staircases don’t have any bends, landings or turns. Straight rails are made out of aluminum and can be ordered in silver or bronze.

Here is a list of all the straight stairlifts currently available. You can click on any straight stairlift to see more details. The straight stairlift pages provide detailed information, specifications, videos, prices, and more.

Straight stairlifts from our range are selected for their exceptional reliability, adaptability, and great value. All stairlifts can be used on straight staircases, including those that are narrow, long or steep (up to 55deg). Straight stairlifts are installed on either the right or left hand side of the staircase. They attach directly to the treads and not the wall. They can be modified with many features, including powered foot plates and powered hinged track, as well as automatic powered swivels.

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