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Curved staircases are common in homes that have a staircase that goes around at least one corner or bend. The turns can sometimes be tight and curved stairs might be narrow. As a result, we offer a leading market-leading range made-to-measure curved staircaselifts that can travel around corners and across intermediate landings as well as up spiral staircases. All of our custom-made curved stairlifts will be made for you and your unique staircase.

All curved stairlifts have to be tailored to fit your staircase. We employ our expertise to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Our consultants will come to you and conduct a detailed survey of your staircase in order to assess whether straight or curving rail products would be best suited.

The rails are attached to stair treads, not to walls, and can be installed to either side depending on the results of the survey.

There are many options for curved staircases. They can be spiral, fanned, half- or quarter-length landings. Our rails can be customized for every home due to the individuality of curved staircases.

Stairlifts can fit most staircases, even those that look too narrow at first. We offer a wide variety of stairlifts to fit both straight and curve staircases. We are confident our stairlift options will be a good fit for you and your home.

Call us to find out if a home stairlift could be installed in your house. Our advisors are available to conduct a free and no-obligation assessment of your home. We will then evaluate the staircase to recommend the best option.

Curved stairs can be described as staircases with corners or bends. A stairlift for curving stairs uses a customized rail that wraps around the curves or corners of your staircase.

Curved rails should be tailored to fit your staircase. This will ensure that they are close to curves and bends neatly. To maximize the space available on your staircase, a custom-made rail will ensure a perfect fit.

The cost of a staircaselift is determined by many factors such as its type, required features, and your custom specifications.

Every person is different, and every home is unique. We make sure that we offer a wide range of stairlifts to fit your needs.

For staircases with curves or turns it may require a curved lift installation. Some houses may allow for two straight stairslifts, provided the stairbed is flat. However, this would reduce the cost and make it more practical.

Curved stairslifts are more difficult to install that straight ones. Because a curved rail must be made to measure, it is more labor-intensive for the installer.

These optional extras include hinged rails which can be folded up when there are doors close to the base and top of the stairs. These allow free movement for household members.

Due to the high degree of customisation that curved stairlifts require, it can often take several weeks before you get your installation. This is something you should ask during your home consultation.

A stairlift installation may include the need for plug sockets to install or pipe work/radiators that must be moved.

Even though prices have fallen significantly in recent years, the average price of a curved staircase lift can still be as high as 6,000. This is a rough estimate. Individual requirements will determine the exact cost. We can provide a detailed quotation by scheduling a home consultation to discuss your requirements with local and national suppliers.

It is important to weigh the cost of a stairlift against the benefits it offers. For the user of a stairlift, the upper floors will be open to them. Their quality of living will increase as a result. They will no longer need help from relatives or friends to reach the upper floors. It will allow them to regain their independence.

You can find stairlifts at a variety of prices. As such, it is worth shopping around. Continue reading

People with narrow staircases need not be concerned about whether enough space will be available for a lift.

As stairlift experts, our goal is make buying a new, used and reconditioned stairlift as painless and easy as possible.

This curved lift is made from the ground up to work with any curved staircase. The advanced self levelling carriage glides along modular rails and stops with ease.

If there is a doorway or opening at the bottom of the stairs, an automatic powered hinge can be fitted. This problem can be solved by an automatic powered hinged rail. All features are included in our stairlifts, but none that you don’t need.

The type of staircase you choose will depend on the style of your main staircase. If your staircase is curved, a curved-shaped stairlift will be required.

Curved tracks for stairlifts turn corners as they attach to a curve rail that conforms to the staircase’s shape. For smoother rides up the staircases of a household with two straight staircases connected by a landing, you might consider curved stairs. Two straight stairlifts may work depending on the level of mobility. See the dedicated guide on ‘How to choose an stairlift’ for more details.

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